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Coca Cola Soda Machine ChestTwenty years ago, my best friend Randall Mozingo encouraged me to purchase four old soda machines for $1,000. After about 6 months of him telling me that it was a good deal, I finally agreed under the condition he would keep 3 of them at his house since I had a Taurus station wagon and could only move one machine at a time.
I loaded the one closest to the car and drove it to Frederick, MD, where my wife had a small booth at The Antique Station. We had been collecting and selling Blue Ridge pottery there. I unloaded the machine and placed it right in the middle. Then, as a joke, I put a price tag of $1,000 on it. Much to my surprise, someone purchased the machine two days later!
This was my entry into buying and selling old soda machines. By the early 90’s, I began to have machines “restored” for resale. By 1997, we had our own building with a makeshift paint booth and I hired a professional body and paint person. We really started to restore machines from top to bottom, and the quality of restorations was taken to a new height. We started powder coating tanks and other parts, installing all new refrigeration units and giving our customers real warranties. By year 2000, most of the experts agreed that our restorations were as good as it got and we were selling over 100 machines a year. With the addition of another restoration shop by 2004 we were selling 200 restored machines a year and gearing up to restore 6 machines each week!
Then we discovered that our cost of restoring machines had gone up drastically since our operation had become more spread out. We were purchasing a lot more parts to do an equal number of machines, and it was taking about twice the time to do an equal number of machines. What had been the fun part of our business was now becoming an albatross.
For this reason, we decided to close the shop in Hagerstown and concentrate on restoring only 100 machines a year, to include not only soda machines, but Stoner Candy Machines, Kiddie Rides, and Popcorn Machines. Since we had acquired a large inventory of parts, we decided to open this parts business.
Our objective is to build it into a place that will fulfill all of your restoration needs and to make it a very easy site to use by the use of real pictures with simple instructions. You may email us 24/7 with your questions and pictures of the problems you are having. Then call us during normal business hours at 304-724-2100 and our Restoration Manager will be happy to assist you.
We look forward to helping you make your project the best it can be!